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Please note that I provide my services as a member of the clergy to provide pastoral counseling, therefore:

  a. all private communications with me through any means (in person, voice call, video call, text, email, or any other means) are confidential in accordance with California law.  HOWEVER, California law makes certain professionals, including clergy such as me a MANDATORY reporter of domestic violence and child abuse.  For the safety of everyone and since I live and conduct my ministry in California (regardless of where you are), I will comply with California laws.

  b. My counseling ministry is primarily that of marriage education and relationship based on my training and role as clergy; I am not a licensed mental health professional and do not conduct therapy.

  c. I do not and am not able to accept payment for relationship coaching/counseling through insurance of any kind.


​​​​​​​SoCal Christian Weddings(aka Temecula Wedding Guy)

​     Relationship Coaching for Engaged & Married Couples
   Preparing for and continuing to work for a strong and passionate marriage is one of the most important things you’ll ever do. I have been conducting marital and premarital relationship coaching using various programs since 1992. The best tool I've seen and am now certified to use is "Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts" (SYMBIS for short)--but to be clear, the assessment is for couples of any age and stage of marriage. More than ONE MILLION couples have taken the SYMBIS assessment to apply its insights to equip them for lifelong love. In fact, using SYMBIS in relationship coaching reduces divorce by 31% compared to couples who have no relationship coaching.  

    To learn more about the SYMBIS relationship assessment or to see a sample report for either premarital couples or couples already married, click on the buttons below:   


FOR RELATIONSHIP CHECK-UP: ONE 75 MINUTE COACHING SESSION BY VIDEO CALL, SYMBIS ONLINE ASSESSMENT(16 pages of results): 1) Contact me by phone 951-234-6538 or email at SoCalChristianWeddings.com, or visit the "Contact" tab of my website. 2) Pay the full $149 by Venmo, PayPal/credit card or check (visit the tab "How to Book" for details).  3) Provide me with both of your names and email addresses.  4) Upon payment, I will immediately enroll you to take the SYMBIS assessment online.  5) You'll each get an email from SYMBIS with a link to take the assessment, which you each take separately--it takes about 30-40 minutes.  6) Once you have both completed the assessment, SYMBIS will notify me with your results.  7) We'll set up an appointment for a video call by Facetime, Skype or Zoom, your choice.  I will email to each of you a pdf with about 16 pages of notes and color graphics on topics like marriage mindset, communication style, conflict resolution, love languages, your sexual relationship, how you each approach time, and more.  8) We will spend 75 minutes reviewing the highlights of your results and teaching you one key communication skill to unlock understanding and connection.  In truth, there is much more in your results than we can review in a single session, but you can read more of the results on your own...or choose to book me for two more sessions for the package described below.  

FOR FULL PREMARITAL OR MARRIAGE COUNSELING PACKAGE--THREE 90 MINUTE SESSIONS, THREE ONLINE ASSESSMENTS:  Pay either $250 or all of the $495.00 fee (see the Fee/ Retainer tab for payment methods), and I will enroll you in SYMBIS so that you can each receive email enabling you to take the SYMBIS assessment.  Each of you complete the online survey, usually in about 30-40  minutes, without input from your partner.  When you have both completed the online assessment, SYMBIS emails your results to me with about 16 pages of highly sophisticated results with color graphics and I will study them.  I will provide them to you just prior to our first meeting by email or in person. 

    Either in person or if you're far away, by video call (GoogleMee/Facetime), we will meet for three 90 minute confidential sessions.  I've used video call with couples across the country and it works great!  In the first session, we'll review about half of your SYMBIS results, and I will coach you to use the Listener/Speaker technique for more effective communication.  Prior to the second session, submit the remaining $245.00, and you'll receive info on how to take two other short online assessments:  the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator, which is a personality assessment, and a quiz about your Five Love Languages. Most of session two is reviewing those results, comparing them to insights reviewed so far from SYMBIS, and we'll practice the Listener Speaker technique again.  In the third/final session, we'll review the second half of the SYMBIS results with a little more practice of the Listener/Speaker technique--you'll probably be pretty good at it by then.  All along the way, the conversation is peppered with many elements of biblical wisdom for relationships with the viewpoint that a husband and wife are equal and serve one another under Christ. 

    No matter how long couples have dated. lived together or been married, they always discover new things about themselves, each other, and their relationship.  They also learn new perspectives and skills for relating more intimately with each other and more effectively with family members and even friends and people at work.  Couples always say they are grateful for the experience and feel the cost was not an expense but a true investment in helping them keep their lifelong vows in a thriving relationship under God.  Christian Premarital Counseling Marital Counseling


Relationship Check-up:  $149.00 for the SYMBIS online assessment and 75 minutes of coaching by video call.

Full Premarital or Marriage Counseling:  $495.00 for three online assessments (SYMBIS, MBTI and Love Languages)  and three 90-minute coaching sessions and a few additional materials.

Methods of Payment:  Venmo or Zelle are the easiest methods -- find me on Venmo at Jeff-Saville-1, and on Zelle using my cell 951-234-6538.  For other methods like check, credit card or PayPal, visit the tab, "How to Book / Fees."