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Fee and Retainer to Book Your Date  SoCal Christian Weddings Officiant      aka Temecula Wedding Guy wedding officiant  Wedding Officiant Cost 

FREE CONSULTATION -- Call for a FREE initial conversation to get basic questions answered and set an appointment for an in-depth consultation in person, or if distance is an issue, by phone, FaceTime/Skype/Zoom. Together we'll fully customize your ceremony, have a mini-rehearsal, answer questions, and you don't have to decide about hiring me or providing a retainer until afterward.  We usually meet in my home but we can work out another mutually convenient location.  Call 951-234-6538, write to SoCalChristianWeddings@yahoo.com or use the "Contact" tab to connect with me.


WEDDINGS and VOW RENEWALS--My basic fee for weddings in 2020 at a GOLD level of service which nearly every couple chooses is $495.00, a great value given all I do for you.  The fee may vary up or down for the day of the week, for very small, simple or more complex weddings, and for travel beyond a 25 mile one-way distance from my Temecula home.  Attendance at your onsite rehearsal is not included, but see below.

REHEARSALS -- Because I so thoroughly prepare you in advance and arrive 60 minutes early to your ceremony, plus my whispered cues to you during the ceremony, many couples choose to let an event coordinator lead the rehearsal.    However, at your request I can lead your on-site rehearsal for a $150.00 fee (plus mileage beyond 25 miles if it applies). 

MILEAGE--No charge for events within 25 miles of my home in South Temecula, but there is a fee of fifty cents for every mile more than 50 miles round trip.

FOR OPTIONAL PREMARITAL AND MARITAL RELATIONSHIP COACHING -- Three 90-minute sessions of premarital counseling (with the cost of the online assessment built in) are $450--this fee is separate from fees related to the ceremony.  To get started, please provide me with both of your email addresses and $225 in advance.  The remaining $225 is due before we begin the second session, using any of the methods below.  For more information about the coaching itself, click on the tab "Optional Premarital Relationship Coaching."

To reserve my services, you can submit a non-refundable* retainer for 50% of my fee at any time (many couples choose to do so at the end of our consultation, but some may still want to think about it, which is fine).  Venmo, cash, or check are preferred methods, but I accept PayPal and credit cards also.  See below for directions.

OPTION ONE--PAY BY VENMO--​This is the best option because 1) you can reserve my services before we meet in person and your date is taken, and 2) it's free to each of us!  The Venmo app easily sends money from your bank through your  debit card to me with no service fee at all!  If you have an account, simply search for me by my phone # 951-234-6538 and the rest is obvious.  You instantly get a receipt from Venmo and I'll provide one to you as well. Creating an account is easy, just visit https:Venmo.com/ 

OPTION TWO--CASH.  For in-person payments during our consultation.  I'll provide a written receipt.

OPTION THREE--PERSONAL CHECK.  ​Pay the old-fashioned way with a check made out to me, Jeff Saville, and provide it in person or send it by surface mail to my home address 44876 Corte Casa, Temecula CA 92592-1603.  When I receive it, I'll promptly email you a signed receipt as acknowledgment. 

OPTION FOUR--USING YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT.  Follow these directions for PayPal deposits: 
Use the button "Buy Now" button at the bottom of this page or follow the procedure below:

1. Log into your PayPal account and go to "Pay or Send Money."
2. Click on "Pay for Goods or Services."
3. Enter the email socalchristianweddings@yahoo.com  OR my cell # 951-234-6538 and the amount due.  Click Next.
4. A summary of transaction page will appear.  There is a place to type an optional message.  Please type the first and last name of both the bride and the groom and the phrase "deposit for wedding on ( wedding date)."  (Example:  Bride Mary Smith and Groom John Jones, for wedding on Dec 1 2018).  This will help me know whose wedding is being paid for!) 
5. That's it!  The payment will come to my PayPal account, and you will have a record on your account.  It's that easy!

OPTION FIVE-PAY BY CREDIT CARD IN PERSON OR OVER THE PHONE.  If  are comfortable doing so, you can simply tell me over the phone your Visa/Master/AMEX card number, along with the expiration date, security code and your five-digit zip code. My iPhone has a PayPal application allowing me to tap in the numbers to charge your credit card.  If in person, I can also swipe your card through my card reader.  You will immediately get a receipt through PayPal. For your security, I will not keep your card information afterward. Your security is important and so is my reputation in ministry.  

FINAL PAYMENT--DUE TEN DAYS PRIOR TO THE CEREMONY.  Please pay the final amount no later than ten days prior to the ceremony by by any of the methods named above.  

GRATUITY--If you feel you've received superior service, a gratuity is not expected but always appreciated!

*PLEASE NOTE:  your retainer is still good for changes in time/date, assuming my schedule allows, or for minor changes in location.  I will make every effort to adapt myself, or perhaps my wife who is also an experienced and highly reviewed officiant may serve you, but significant differences in distance may affect the fee, and if I truly cannot accommodate the change in schedule, your retainer remains non-refundable.  The reason is that by committing to your originally stated day/time, I am turning down other couples seeking my services at that same time.  Your understanding is appreciated!

To book now, or for questions, call 951-234-6538 or email socalchristianweddings@yahoo.com